Top 3 Best Ziploc Vacuum Sealers

Interested in a vacuum sealer? The market can quickly get overwhelming as you start searching. There are a series of manufacturers and even more models and features. Each of them tries to stand up in the crowd, yet they seem to be identical if you check their specifications out. This is when quality makes the difference.

Ziploc is not new at all in this industry. The manufacturer is known for providing some of the best rated (and best selling) vacuum sealers on the market. Of course, they come with specific features that make them more or less appropriate for your needs. Knowing what kind of foods you need them for is imperative.

Determine how often you will use your vacuum cleaner too. Some models are more durable than others and can take more stress. They make good options for commercial facilities. On the other hand, if you are just trying to pack leftovers to stay fresh for the rest of the week, a smaller model can be very handy as well.

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ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V102good$$Click Here!
Ziploc ZLV251 Vacuum Sealer Systemgood$$$Click Here!

1. Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System

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Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System is one of the most cost efficient models on the market. It does not require too much counter space, but it also weighs less than 5 pounds. Despite the size, it is very powerful and has a strong capacity to vacuum and seal. It is compact, simplistic and very easy to store. It is square, but it also has a stylish color combination. It can easily match any kind of kitchen theme.

The automatic function features a one touch procedure, as well as an instant result. The Pulse feature steps in to adjust the vacuuming. Particular foods have specific standards before being stored, hence the necessity of a slight customization. LED lights and colors are useful to let you know what feature it runs.

The Pulse function might look irrelevant for most solid foods. But then, it works wonders on juicy or liquid rich foods. Controlling the vacuuming procedure can prevent turning your home into a mess. Of course, sealing pre-frozen liquids is a lot more convenient, but this feature can save time by skipping this step. It might take a few days to practice and get used to this function though, especially if you are new to vacuum cleaners.

The package includes some special bags that can be used while simmering, boiling and heating food. Similar bags are available in commerce too. They are not branded.

2. Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V102

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Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V102 is excellent if you want to pack your food and leftovers in a healthy way, without experiencing freezer burn. Its primary role is to pack the food, but not without eliminating air. This way, the machine clears all the harmful contaminants and elements responsible for decay. At the same time, this model allows packing more types of food in one bag, rather than using different bags for different purposes. Without a vacuum sealer, chances are your freezer is filled with dozens of bags – one for each type of food.

The powerful motor is one of the main features. The exquisite pressure is at least surprising, especially since this model barely exceeds 4 pounds in weight. Compressing bags is almost instant. It takes one button and the bag is vacuumed and sealed right away. This One-Touch technology has been first implemented by Ziploc and later borrowed by other manufacturers too. The Pulse function works on soft and liquid rich foods, but also on actual liquids. It takes practice before you learn how to prevent turning your kitchen into a mess.

Cleaning and maintenance are very simple. Unless you mess the sealer, you do not have to do anything at all. Even if you do, the interior can be cleaned with no issues or effort.

3. Ziploc ZLV251 Vacuum Sealer System

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Ziploc ZLV251 Vacuum Sealer System is ideal to prevent and clear freezer burn situations. It removes air before sealing bags, so food is perfectly stored over longer periods of times. If you can barely keep the food frozen for a few weeks, this sealer allows you to do it for months now.

It comes with multiple accessories and features. It has an intuitive control panel that even the least experienced users can get along with. The sealing time is just one of the several elements that can be adjusted. It depends on what kind of foods you plan to seal and store.

The sealing bar measures 12 inches, so it can accommodate most types of bags. Luckily, the package comes with plenty of them. It includes 3 gallon size bags and 3 quart size bags, as well as a roll of 11×7 inches. However, other vacuum sealer bags can be used too, so no one restricts you to the respective models.

Just like many other Ziploc vacuum sealers, this system has the One-Touch technology, which ensures an almost instant operation with one button. The power is surprising for such a small unit. While it barely exceeds 6 pounds in weight, its power goes up to 27 HG.

Apart from the user friendly control panel, the ZLV251 model also has a series of LED lights that turn on in different colors, depending on what function you are using. They make sure that you are not using the wrong function, so they practically notify you.

In conclusion…

As a short final conclusion, Ziploc has stood up to the expectations once again. The successful manufacturer has proven its quality standards once more. While most of these models look similar, they are slightly diversified in the attempt to satisfy a broader category of clients. From this point of view, it is very important to analyze your necessities, as well as the food you plan to seal and store. Not doing your homework will lead to making an uninformed decision. Furthermore, a few unbiased reviews will also provide some hints about specific features, quality standards, pros, cons and what to expect from such a vacuum sealer before buying it.


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