Top 3 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Selecting a commercial vacuum sealer depends on several factors. The market has been invaded with all kinds of more or less relevant products, so making the difference can be confusing for someone with no experience at all. Even if you have actually used such products before, taking them to the next level can still be a challenging task.

Before moving on with this search, it is imperative to analyze your personal necessities first. So what kinds of food do you plan to seal? What does your store or restaurant commercialize? Whether you are trying to seal dry or wet goods will determine what model is more appropriate for your foods.

If you are interested in vacuum cooking, you need a model that can easily clear all the air in the attempt to promote deep and even cooking. On the other hand, if you plan to reopen and reseal packages all the time, zip top bags are more relevant. Generally speaking, your needs dictate the final choice. Once you know what you want, browse the best selling products and consider their specifications.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealervery good$$$$$Click Here!
TSM Products 32297 Commercial Vacuum Sealerexcellent$$$Click Here!
LEM Products MAXVAC Vacuum Sealervery good$$$$Click Here!

1. Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer

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Produced in Italy, Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer is upgraded for extra performance in the United States of America. The upgrade guarantees for a solid seal with any type of bag, whether the food is dry or wet. The manufacturer’s reputation is the first clue behind the overall functionality of this product. It is better known for the exquisite durability without having to alter the quality. It comes with a 2 year warranty and a 5 year extended service contract from the manufacturer, which is extraordinary among vacuum sealers.

At a first glance, Vacupack Elite’s sealer is extremely lightweight – only 15 pounds. It is smaller than many domestic appliances too. It is quite versatile and might need a little training before gaining as much as possible from it. The unique design ensures a quick seal from the first attempt, regardless of the bag. The pressure floats around 27 HG, while the package includes some specialized bags produced in Italy. Bags are irrelevant, since the sealer can seal any type of bag anyway.

The model has a fancy and stylish design due to the enclosed stainless steel exterior. Maintenance is facile, while the heat seals measures 12.5 inches. When operating on the automatic mode, the sealer can handle up to 50 bags per hour.

2. TSM Products 32297 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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TSM Products 32297 Commercial Vacuum Sealer draws attention with its sleek and professional appearance. While covered in stainless steal, it can successfully resist grime and grease. The maintenance is pa iece of cake. Unlike many other models, this one comes with a removable vacuum chamber, only to make cleaning a lot easier.

The 32297 model features both manual and automatic vacuum sealing. The automatic mode allows sealing dozens of bags on an hourly basis. The manual mode depends on the product specifications, since users might have to adjust the power. Once the bag is placed into the chamber, the operation implies pressing a start button. The entire operation is almost instant.

The sealing bar is wide and measures 15 inches, so it can accommodate more types of bags. The vacuuming level is adjustable and goes up to 29 HG, which is far beyond the average in this industry. An adjustable sealing time and the marinade mode also add to its convenience. Sealing bags can be done without a vacuum too.

Despite the commercial purpose, this sealer can be successfully used with domestic purposes too. Moreover, it only weighs 17 pounds. There are plenty of larger and heavier units out there that will provide less pressure, power and convenience, so the rapport for price and quality is great.

3. LEM Products MAXVAC Vacuum Sealer

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With a 28 HG piston pump, LEM Products MAXVAC Vacuum Sealer is one of the leading commercial grade units. Despite the high power and its primary purpose, it is widely used with domestic purposes as well. It might appear a little heavy at a first glance though – close to 24 pounds. Its construction is mostly based on sturdy stainless steel, which is also very easy to maintain and clean. The casing is durable, but also qualitative.

The vacuum sealer comes with two sealing modes – automatic and manual. The automatic function is speedy and can be handled with a couple of touches only. The manual one is deeply customized. It is less common though, yet there are special foods that might require particular vacuuming standards in order to be properly stored for longer periods of time. Moreover, the manual mode is recommended to foods prone to freezer burn. The pressure sensor has its special role too. It makes commercial grade sealing possible for a wide variety of items, but it also cuts down the sealing time.

The MAXVAC sealer can tackle bags up to 14 inches wide, so sealing large amounts of food in just a few bags is piece of cake. The unit is capable of sealing liquid rich foods as well, including game and fish. It is, however, indicated to rely on a paper towel, only to prevent the liquid from reaching to the sealing strip. The automatic shutoff function stops the unit once vacuuming is over, so you do not have to keep an eye on it. The lid is also automatically released as soon as the heating element cools.

In conclusion…

As a short final conclusion, commercial vacuum cleaners do take this industry one step further. They are primarily meant to guarantee for large scale operations at a decent speed. Just because they are supposed to handle industrial needs, it does not mean that they are forbidden to domestic facilities though. All in all, they make perfect additions to restaurants and even small stores or large supermarkets where food storage expands over more days. Research your personal needs and expectations and ensure that the respective unit can match them. Only then you can finally congratulate yourself for a good final choice.


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